CoinJar Launches New Bitcoin App

CoinJar – the popular Bitcoin platform that gives users the opportunity to buy, sell and trade in the digital coin – has launched CoinJar Touch, the iOS version of its new app. iOS users are now able to manage Bitcoin easier out to a bank account from their iPhone device. Android users can expect a version to come out in the next few months. With this move the Anglo-Australian company plans to give Bitcoin even more exposure by allowing more and mores users to transfer the currency while on the move. According to CoinJar’s Samuel Tate the new app isRead More

Microsoft Continues to Experiment with Bitcoin

Back in December 2014, Microsoft made the announcement that interested customers could use their Bitcoins to buy content in the Windows and Xbox stores. Even while the technology company is not taking Bitcoin payments on a global scale just yet, they would like for this move to be the first one in a series of important steps towards the complete adoption of the virtual currency. According to a spokesman for Microsoft, “We are a global company, and we always think about our markets globally, be it for bitcoin or for all of our services and products… The technology behind bitcoinRead More

Netopia mobilPay Gives Romania Bitcoin Users New Payment Options

Netopia mobilPay is one of the most important online payment processors in Romania and the company has now announced the integration to its services of a Bitcoin option for merchants. This company processes around 50% of all mobile payments in this European nation and offers users a wide range of services, including payments by SMS or telephone, as well as credit card payments. The company has stated that this integration aims to give more than 6,000 partner retailers the chance to process Bitcoin payments, with no extra development fees. Netopia mobilPay has joined forces with Romanian Bitcoin exchange BTCXChange andRead More

Improved Bitcoin: Japan’s Newest Bitcoin Proposal

A team of Japanese scholars has recently co-authored and published a paper with a set of proposals that aims to improve Bitcoin. This paper was authored by four scholars from various Japanese universities and proposes the creation of a hypothetical low-volatility digital currency dubbed ‘improved Bitcoin’ (IBC). According to the authors, Bitcoin is currently undergoing many changes and it continues to grow more volatile by the day and speculative measures have also increased, which is why many investors have decided to stay away from the crypto currency. The Japanese scholars believe that if their ‘improved Bitcoin’ method is effectively usedRead More

New Bitcoin ATM Machine Makes it to New York City

PYC is New York based Bitcoin ATM service operator that was founded in 2013 by Emilio Pagan-Yourno and Julio Enrique Cabrera. The company has been part of a strong Bitcoin adoption campaign in New York with the launch of ATM machines in different parts of the state. PYC’s machines are created by popular Bitcoin ATM producers Lamassu. Now, PYC has launched yet another ATM in a trendy Manhattan neighborhood. This machine is PYC’s 3rd Bitcoin ATM in the Empire State and is located at Crispín’s on 10th Avenue and 52nd Street. Crispín’s is a restaurant that specializes in pasta, meats,Read More

Bitcoin Miners Thinking About the Future: Help Fight Terrorism

The United States Military has eyes on the prize and this time the prize is Bitcoin. In the recent Virtual Currency Workshop held in Tampa, Florida, officials from the U.S. Special Operations Command went ahead and discussed with leading members of the Bitcoin industry the possibilities of    the crypto currency helping aid terrorist groups. The closed-door conference looks to determine the potential for anti-American forces to utilize Bitcoin’s unregulated and mainly anonymous nature to fund these operations. The conference was the first of its kind in relation to the Bitcoin industry, including Bitcoin miners, to directly meet with the USRead More

Switzerland University Tests New Bitcoin Payment Solution

If you happen to attend the University of Zurich – Switzerland’s largest— and you’re either a Bitcoin miner or simply have a few Bitcoins of your own and want to pay your lunch with these, the time has com. The University has decided to integrate a new Bitcoin payment solution that was created by a nine-member group that includes both university doctoral students and faculty members. CoinBlesk is a payment option that will be put to the test for two weeks in one of the campus cafeterias. This mobile-payment system has been designed to use two-way Near Field Communication (NFC)Read More

You Can Now Pay your Dish Network Bill with Bitcoins

Back in May, Dish Network – the #1 provider of Satellite TV – announced that they would become the largest company to date to accept Bitcoin payments. However, even though many were excited, including Bitcoin miners, everyone had to wait just a little longer until the integration with Coinbase – the payment processor – was finalized. Now, the Colorado-based company has gone live with their Bitcoin payment program and you can feel free to pay your DISH bills by using your most precious crypto currency: Bitcoin. The first to use the new payment option were newlywed bloggers Austin and BeccyRead More

airBaltic Will Not Be Charging Bitcoin Transaction Fee

A few days ago airBaltic – Latvia’s national airline – announced they would become the first to accept Bitcoin payments. The Bitcoin community, including Bitcoin miners and enthusiasts everywhere, couldn’t have been more excited about the news. However, there seemed to be a small problem that gave some a bad feeling about this particular move: airBaltic would be charging a small transaction fee. This did not bode well with the Bitcoin community since the digital currency is free of any charge as opposed to credit card transactions. The low-cost Latvian airline initially decided to charge a €5.99 transaction fee forRead More

Film Annex – A Social Media Platform that Pays Users with Bitcoin

Bitcoin miners, Bitcoin payment processors and Bitcoin mining hardware are not the only ones on the news these days. Back in February, Film Annex Networks– the social media platform that pays users for uploading content to their site – announced that it would be the first of its kind to reward members with Bitcoin. The more content creators write blogs, upload films and share, the more they get rewarded. And now, they can opt to receive these rewards in the crypto currency. Film Annex has over 300,000 registered users in 245 different countries across the world. Authors are measured withRead More