Are Bitcoin ATM’s the Future?

The Bitcoin community seems to be growing stronger with every passing day. If you happen to be a Bitcoin miner, you couldn’t be working on a better future for yourself. Another huge part of the industry are the Bitcoin ATM’s that are also growing in popularity rather quickly and demand is higher than ever. Bitcoin ATM’s aim to help Bitcoin users with their crypto currency needs right then and there. There are a great deal of production companies and developers working on and placing these machines all over the world. One of the most popular Bitcoin ATM developers is GenesisRead More

Central Texas Gun Works Now Joins Forces with CoinVoice

Bitcoin miners are not the only ones on the news these days. A few days back, Central Texas Gun Works, the first-ever Bitcoin-friendly gun store announced they would begin accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment option for all sales. Existing customers of the store and new customers alike could go ahead and use their coins to buy firearms and the rest of their available items. In addition, customers could also use the online store option if they were located somewhere other than Austin.  Also, customers have the option to use the Bitcoin ATM located in the front of theRead More

AMEX and Discover Believe Bitcoin Isn’t a Threat

American Express and Discover Financial, the third and fourth biggest payment networks in the United States have expressed their appreciation for Bitcoin and have said that they don’t consider it as a threat to the payment network. Bitcoin miners and Bitcoin enthusiasts all across the globe consider that due to the low transaction fees, this crypto currency is here to stay in regards of payment options. According to Discover Financial Services CEO, David Nelms, he feels a little skeptical about distrusting Bitcoin and believes there are a lot more potential threats or opportunities than this. In addition, Dan Schulman, presidentRead More

California Bill Aims to Legalize Bitcoin, Among Other Currencies

A California State Bill which hope to amend Section 107 of the Corporations Code and introduced last month by Assembly member and Chairman on Banking and Finance Roger Dickenson “AB-129 Lawful money: alternative currency” regarding to “current law which bans the issuance or circulation of anything but lawful money of the United States does not prohibit the issuance and use of alternative currency.” As of right now, the state of California considers the popular crypto currency does not conform with the law; in other words it is illegal. Bitcoin miners, enthusiasts and startups there want to change things around. Now,Read More

Perseus Telecom to Begin Accepting Bitcoin

Perseus Telecom is a global provider of telecommunications that works hand in hand with some of the most competent carriers and properly linked technology owners. This company provides quick, high-volume connections to stock exchanges in the United States, United Kingdom and Brazil. Perseus aims to provide clients with the right network solution at an affordable and competitive price and hence is always looking for ways to cater to the needs of their many different consumers. Perseus has decided to embrace one of the newest currencies and is now accepting payments in Bitcoin, the highly popular and controversial digital currency. TheRead More

London Startups Compete for First ATM

London startup’s are competing against each other to be the first to have a Bitcoin ATM in this European nation. In the next few weeks Bitcoin enthusiasts in the United Kingdom will have a new way to buy and sell the crypto-currency in a secure and safe manner. The companies are currently waiting to have their machines delivered by manufacturers Robocoin and Lamassu. One of the seemingly most determined startup firms is Global Bitcoin ATM Ltd  and has plans to install five machines each passing month in the country. In the future, GBA is planning to install machines on aRead More

Turning Real Cash Into Bitcoins in Toronto

The combination of living in Toronto and loving Bitcoins just turned even more interesting as now the city has a Bitcoin ATM. In fact, there are a great deal of ATMs that work with the digital currency that are currently on the market for the most adventurous entrepreneurs that are willing to make an investment. Some of the companies that are building and selling these machines include names such as Robocoin and Lamassu and these allow for uses to exchange government-backed currencies such as Canadian dollar, U.S. dollar and more, for Bitcoin. Hardware and software don’t seem to be aRead More Now Taking Bitcoin as Payment

Bitcoin is the first decentralized currency in the world and it has quickly gained the attention of many worldwide. This includes all sorts of enterprises such as the porn industry. Those who like to frequent adult entertainment sites and wish to own a paid account, can be grateful that this virtual currency can be used as a form of payment which involves no banks, personal information or leaves any sort of trail behind. Pornography has undoubtedly played a huge role in the rise of  Bitcoin and it has actually become a mainstream payment option for users. The latest news toRead More

FinCEN Clarifies their Position on Bitcoin Miners and MSBs

If you’ve been thinking about a way to boost your income, becoming a Bitcoin miner might just be what you need. And if you become a miner for your own gain and not for the creation of coins for trade you are not required to to register as Money Services Businesses (MSBs) with the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Bitcoin miners have had concerns in the past if they’re able to mine and then trade their coins for cash at a Bitcoin exchange or if they’re able to spend these on their own without falling into the MSB category.Read More

Polish Companies Pays Salaries in Bitcoin

Polish web design company El Passion started accepting payments in Bitcoins back in July of the present year. Even though there are many legal uncertainties surrounding the currency, local observers in Poland believe that the country’s Bitcoin market has tremendous growth potential and also believe in the increasing popularity of Bitcoin mining in the country. Now, El Passion has offered its employees the chance to receive their salaries in Bitcoins. Data obtained from (the interactive map of brick and mortar locations that accept Bitcoins shows that in Warsaw and close neighborhoods there are 10 businesses that take Bitcoins asRead More